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Sustainable solutions for practice profitability: too often, IT solutions for group practices generate, at best a quick fix. Forward-thinking group practice managers will evaluate technology for its capacity to enhance long-term profitability - Physician Practice Management

Finding ways to make a medical practice more profitable seems to be an ongoing battle for practice managers. While the effort seems never-ending, so, too, does the array of products, services and consultants that promise to find the solution.

However, one-time savings are no longer enough. The challenge for IT professionals within medical groups today is to find the tools and operational procedures that will target the areas of the practice that provide the most potential for sustainable savings through increased productivity and optimal capacity utilization. The result to the practice will be lower overhead expenses, increased revenue and, when properly implemented, a more satisfied workforce.
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Nanotechnology gets down to business: new technology can make computers faster, but business solutions and government policy is still not up to speed on nanotechnology - Analysis

Canadian researchers say they are determined to prove nanotechnology is more than just a scientific parlour game and will help create new forms of IT equipment for enterprises.

Ever since single-walled carbon nanotubes were discovered in the early 1990s, the scientific community around the world has discussed in glowing terms the potential of the tiny technology -- width of approximately 10 hydrogen atoms lined up -- nanotubes are self-created from an electrical discharge between electrons. They could eventually perform the same functions as chips, some say, making PCs run billions of times faster.
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Technology for small business: the best solutions to improve revenues

In order to effectively compete with larger corporations, small business owners are having to rely upon technology more often that ever. The need to increase productivity and to reduce task-completing times has become critical to small businesses everywhere, and portability is one of the key components of that trend. For this edition of LL Focus, we interviewed experts in the computer technology field and asked them recommend some cost-effective technology for burgeoning small businesses. These professionals shared with us very valuable information of how the newest technology is adding mobility to small businesses and how this can help to maximize productivity, and what areas small businesses should invest most of their resources in order to improve their profits, and they even told us which personal digital assistant (PDA) they rely upon in their daily lives to keep up with their responsibilities. We urge you to read what they had to say, and we strongly recommend that you take it into consideration when purchasing new technology.
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National Small Business Innovation Research , phase II conference & exhibition : DAU Alumni Symposium 2005—best practices and solutions for rapid acquisition, logistics and technology

The 22nd Annual DAU Alumni Association Acquisition Symposium was held April 19-20 on the Capital/Northeast Campus of DAU at Fort Belvoir, Va. It was billed as a practical learning experience on rapid acquisition processes and models, and it lived up to expectations in all aspects. The theme of the symposium was especially timely as our nation's warfighters are currently actively engaged in combat with terrorists world-wide, with particular emphasis on Iraq and Afghanistan. They rely on acquisition leaders and managers to provide the best technology available in a short period of time.
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