Tenerife property An Island for All Seasons

Tenerife is one of the most popular exotic travel destinations in the world. For this reason many people choose it as their home and buy properties here, returning regularly either to spend their holidays or even to retire after a hard working life. The advantages of Tenerife are innumerable, from the relaxing atmosphere to the outstanding environment composed of beautiful landscapes and beaches, to the rich culture and warm friendly people. But if one thing is sure, it's the island's uniqueness and atmosphere that drive people to Tenerife year after sunny year. So just what does this little island possess to make it so attractive to both tourists and retirees from around the world? Without a doubt this must be due at least in part to its unique blend of unusual attractions that this very special travel destination possesses, so let us now investigate some of the isle's features that make it such a popular place.

But first a little background. The island of Tenerife is located in the Atlantic Ocean quite close to the coast of West Africa. It is the largest of the seven main Canary Islands, being a little over 2000 square kilometres in size. Although quite small in size, Tenerife possesses as many different types of climate as a whole continent.

On Tenerife you will encounter many different types of farming, ranging from potatoes to oranges. And as to landscape this is really very diverse. Talking about diverse landscape, perhaps the most well-known and fascinating feature of Tenerife is Mount Teide, standing at over 3700 metres high, and whose sheer size permits it to dominate the entire island.

So imposing is the mountain, that it has received mention as far back in history as the times of Christopher Columbus and other famous explorers of antiquity. A volcanic mountain capped in snow, Teide has never failed to impress all who pass. Tenerife possesses a myriad of unique features making the island one of the most perfect of retirement destinations. For lovers of life and fine things it is a veritable treasure trove. For example for centuries the island has been well-known for its fine wines, which have even been remarked by notable writers from Shakespeare to Pepys.

And in recent times, the island's wine industry has undergone something of a renaissance, with interest emerging from wine enthusiasts not only from Europe but also worldwide. And of course with wine must also come fine food. For the gastronomes amongst you, bet it known that Tenerife also possesses a splendid selection of restaurants with prices to suit all pockets. And after the food and wine, how about a round of golf to work it all off at the island's highly popular golf course! Taking a look at accommodation, Tenerife benefits from a huge selection, from luxury hotels at the higher end to small family run bed and breakfast enterprises catering to more modest tastes and budgets. There is also a plentiful supply of simple room accommodation for the young voyager.

Entertainment and nightlife: Tenerife has it all! However no mention of the island would be complete without a review of the famous Carnival in Santa Cruz. Whilst balls and festivities have existed throughout the ages in this most festive of islands, the carnival ss it is known today is something of a recent event. And today's full-blooded celebration of the Santa Cruz Carnival by both residents and tourists have produced a highly colourful spectacle surpassed only by the carnival in Rio. It is clearly impossible in so short an article to do justice to the majestic island of Tenerife. But hopefully you have now received a sufficiently general idea of this wonderful place that you will immediately add it to your travel itinerary for exploration in the not distant future. And as a retirement destination, Tenerife possesses numerous advantages making it a healthy choice both for long and short term residence.

With its perfect climate, diverse landscapes and unbeatable lifestyles on offer, Tenerife proposes itself as the idyllic location of which many a dream is made.

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Tenerife property An Island for All Seasons - Tenerife is one of the most popular exotic travel destinations in the world.

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