Refinancing Comes with Hidden Costs

Refinancing has a tricky magnetism. It attracts you as it generally means a lower monthly installment and is a way out when other doors are closed. Whether you have a bad credit or no income verification or burred under overwhelming debts this is the option always open to you. But before refinancing beware of the hidden costs involved in the procedure.

There are few loans that truly have no closing costs. But then lenders are sharp enough to take it out from your pocket in one way or the other. For refinancing you need a written analysis of the estimated value of your property that demonstrates the approximate fair market value based on recent sales in your neighbourhood.

It is required by a lender before loan approval to ensure that the mortgage loan amount is not more than the value of the property. Another document that gives evidence of ownership of a property is the title document. It also indicates the rights of ownership and possession of the property. Individuals who will have legal ownership in the property are considered "on title" and will sign the mortgage and other documentation. There is a good amount of fee associated with these documents. Sometimes lenders may not charge appraisal and title fees and even agree to pay application fees, but they may increase the interest rate in return.

They may even roll the costs into the amount of your loan. Its called a "no closing cost" loan just because you're not paying costs at the time of refinancing. A minor increase in mortgage or interest rate might be pleasing to you but keep in mind that it is not really a cost-free loan.

A general guideline is that you will need 2% of the purchase price for prepaid interest to cover the time between the date you close your loan and the date you make your first mortgage payment. This interest is paid in advance of when it is due. In certain places prepayment of property taxes is also required. When refinancing however, your old mortgage will most likely have money in an escrow account that can cover these costs.

Some borrowers get short term loans while their escrow transfers back to them, but most pay the money at the closing knowing they will get it back when their escrow is returned. If you do little bit of effort you may be able to eliminate some closing costs. Like if you have recent home appraisal or credit report lender may reuse it. Another option may be to have your mortgage lender recertify some documents (appraisal, title, etc.) for less than the cost of getting new ones. Paying points may or may not be your best option, depending on what you are doing.

Points paid on a loan you have refinanced can be deducted from your taxes only in small increments 1/30th a year for a 30 year mortgage, for example. This means it could be several years before your lower rate makes up for the points you pay. However, if you are buying a home, points paid are a tax deductible expense for that year.

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