How To Master Public Speaking Part One

In this article, the first in a series of related articles on public speaking, we are going to discuss the nuts and bolts of speech, in order to better understand how to hone and harness them in our efforts and attempts at becoming masters of public speaking. The fact is that, paying close attention to all vocal elements: Enabling Breathing, Harnessing your vocal physical utilities, Vocal routines and care, are essential factors at play in the mastering of the fundamentals of public speaking. Even if you feel confident in your own ability, prowess and competence, there is always room for improvement so getting back to basics is always a good first step.

If you strengthen your fundamental skills, you will have that much stronger base to work from, laying a secure and strong foundation for the more advanced aspects of public speaking. If you pay close attention to relaxing, posture and a variety of breathing techniques and exercises, you will benefit tremendously from the conditioning and before you know it, it will become second nature almost overnight. Posture is everything and as you prepare for your daily regimen and routines, vocal exercises, prepare yourself by taking the following steps: 1. Standing relaxed, easily and naturally 2. With good body posture and standing tall and upright 3.

Your chest area will be engaged in breathing and your shoulders lowered (not anxiously raised!) 4. Hold your chin relaxed and level 5. Stand with one foot slightly forward (left of right that is up to you, whichever you feel most comfortable) to stabilize and balance yourself.

6. Place your heels at a 45-degree angle and keep your knees straight Place the full weight of your body on your toes 7. Place your arms at your side 8. Breathe in and out deeply, gradually and naturally.

9. Try and practise this as a set-up routine as regularly as possible. In doing this, not only will it help you with the discipline and establishing good public speaking habits, it will breed familiarity and comfort in these routines and they will soon become as natural to you as 'breathing', the correct carrying out of which, is essential to the master public speaker. A further point to note that you will find very useful in your training: You will tap tremendously into the energizing qualities and rewards of these exercises and practice sessions, if you hold some positive and suitable thoughts or goals in minds while you are practicing them.

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