Hire A Hypnotist For Convention Fun

Imagine a comedy show at your next event so hilarious - your guests talk about it - and are still laughing about it years later. Imagine the scene. You're at your company's holiday party and your CEO gets up after dinner, thanks everyone for attending the party, and then goes on to announce.

"And tonight ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, we have hired a comedy hypnotist - so get ready to laugh and have a great time!" Suddenly this guy appears from nowhere and before you know it - 16 of your coworkers are taking off on an imaginary hypnotic flight to Jamaica! Hypnosis stage shows have been performed all over the U.S. for years and are a great hit at corporate banquets, parties and seminars.

Hypnosis shows are hilarious and can also be quite motivational, but there are some things you should look for before you hire a hypnotist for your next event. 1) Make sure the hypnotist you're considering has testimonials from satisfied clients. 2) Request a demo video or dvd to review their show to make sure it's funny - and MOST IMPORTANTLY - CLEAN. The last thing you need is a dirty hypnosis show to tick off your guests.

3) Don't hire an "El Cheapo" hypnotist. A good quality hypnosis show can be purchased for anywhere from a low of around $1000 to $5000. The variation in pricing depends on several factors - the time of year of your event, and the quality of your entertainer. There are plenty of hypnotists just starting out that may be willing to do a hypnosis show for $200-$500 - but I would avoid them, as hypnosis can be tricky, and you don't want to have a crappy show, just to save a few bucks.

Hypnosis is not as cheap as hiring a DJ - but your employees will find it way more entertaining. 4) Find a hypnotist that is flexible and easy to deal with. There are some real egos out there in the world of entertainment, and you definitely don't want to work with a "prima donna" that sours the night.

5) Make sure the hypnotist is insured. Most quality hypnotists will be insured for several million dollars - just in case. Hypnosis shows are many times safer than having a band and dance or even a DJ at your party. Not only will your guests laugh their butt off at a great hypnosis show - but more importantly - they'll thank you again and again for having thought so much of them to have hired a real professional for your party.

Steve Meade - "The Hypnotic Coach" is a master stage and motivational hypnotist. America's Funniest Comedy Hypnotist - Steve Meade

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