Credit Card Counseling Can It Help You

Changes in the economy have left consumers unable to make the minimum payments on credit card debts. The inability to pay these debts forces consumers into a spiraling debt cycle that impacts their lifestyles. Avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure when debt becomes unmanageable by taking action to prevent the cycle from spiraling upward.

The escalated debts can be returned to a manageable level with the assistance of Credit card counseling services and nonprofit debt consolidation companies. These companies can help eliminate debts and rebuild credit ratings within a reasonable time. Creditors will be handled by professional credit counselors to establish a repayment plan that will lower payments, stop fees and charges from accruing, eliminate harassing phone calls and letters, reduce the debt by up to 70 percent, and lower interest rates significantly. The services bring overwhelming debts back to manageable levels. A single negotiated monthly payment will be established and paid to the credit card counseling service.

The funds are disbursed by the service as regular payments to respective creditors as negotiated. The debt consolidation company and creditors will then send monthly statements detailing the actions taken. These monthly statements will make the debt reduction more visible to you, the consumer.

With credit card interest rates averaging somewhere around 22 percent, making only a minimum payment each month can leave you paying that debt for 30 years or more. By taking full advantage of credit card counseling or a nonprofit debt consolidation program, those ridiculous interest rates can often be reduced and the fees that are associated with them eliminated entirely. Your creditors will be paid in a timely manner and your credit rating will improve in turn. It is important of course to do your research and read all of the fine print about any program before you commit to any debt consolidation company. Unscrupulous business practices are unfortunately a fact of life and you don't want to send money to a company who doesn't do what they promised. An upfront fee schedule should be requested and should reflect the amount being paid to the company and creditors before committing and making payments.

This fee schedule will help you to determine which credit card counseling company will provide the best option and services. An agreement with a respected credit card counseling service or nonprofit debt consolidation company can lead to reducing and eliminating debt, improving credit scores, and decreasing stress. The debts did not grow overnight and will not disappear overnight.

Regular monthly payments to your credit card counselor and establishing a consistent payment history improve your credit rating and will soon reflect your efforts. The spiral of debt will reverse and debts will return to the manageable levels you started with.

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