Business Relationships Promises are for Keeping

It's a small thing, but it is so vital. In your business relationships, forgetting little things promised, causes erosion of trust and belief in you and all you stand for. And ultimately, those little things add up to a lot for your people. And that affects you and in the end, your business success.

Integrity is very important to me, and I try hard to 'do unto others as I would wish them do unto me'. It hasn't always worked that way for me though. There have been times in my previous career - times that I can remember vividly even now - when promises were not kept, things were borrowed, never to be returned and where I was not on the best end of wheeling and dealing that are part of corporate politics.

For me, creating honourable relationships with my people has always been important. It is a two-way street. Once when my wife was very ill, my management team told me not to come in, despite it being a very busy time. I told them, thank-you, and I would come and go, in the comfort that they thought enough of me; of us; to tell me to do that. I didn't need to ask, but what they said to me at that time came from an environment of fairness, honesty and trust had grown over time.

They knew that if it had been them, I would have offered the same. It was as if, as Steven Covey says, in 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People', I had enough credit in my 'emotional bank account' to tide me over. I'd never realised that I had that credit, but looking back, my standards and values were daily deposits, gained partly from keeping promises when I made them. You get back what you give out. There's no better time to start than right now.

©2006 Martin Haworth is a Management Coach. He has more at his website, Coaching Businesses to Success. Martin recommends CBMall for the best in online information.

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